• Thank you! I purchased your salt a few months back at a craft fair and fell in love with it! I will never use a different type of salt again! Great product!


  • I purchased my first jar of mustard at Vintage Market Days in Little Rock, AR. I bought it for myself and then decided to give it to my college age son, his exact words were "It's the best substance I've ever had." Thanks for making a great product. Looking forward to putting one in his stocking for Christmas and keeping the other for myself this time.


  • I found y'all at the Vintage Art Days in Santa Fe, NM. I'm so thankful I did as my kids eat vegetables gladly now:) we love your salt.


  • I was in CO visiting my family and they cooked with your salt and it blew me away it was so good! I came right home and ordered it immediately! I don't usually cook with salt and now I have one that is amazing!!


  • The mustard has been a huge hit (especially after I gave them as Christmas gifts!).  My friends and family have used in on just about everything and then realized that 1 jar went very quickly!  I'm sure you'll see more orders from not only me but my friends in the future!  Just think - if Tracy hadn't given  me the salt as a Christmas gift, I wouldn't have ever tried the mustard!!


  • Thanks, we love the salt mix. I use it with everything. I’ve bought it the last two years at the Vintage Market and we ran out early this time. 😁


  • Thank You! We love your salt and use it in just about everything we cook.